Greetings to all of our new and returning members, and of course, the regulars! We hope you all had a great week! Battlefield Hardline is here and the verdict is…hmm why don’t you see what our community thinks and voice your opinion. Speaking of voicing opinions, our monthly Community Feedback Session is this weekend. I encourage EVERYONE to come out. This is your opportunity to talk to myself and other leadership about what you want to see happen in this community. Come give us your feedback this Saturday at 8PM EST on TeamSpeak.

Don’t forget about the BF Hardline game giveaway! We are giving out 2 copies of BF Hardline on Xbox One in March. Find out how you can win here.

Finally, you will notice our donation goal is much higher than normal. This is because we have some great plans in store for you! We will be doing some major site upgrades during this month and throughout March which will have a "one time cost" associated with them. As you know this community runs off your donations, and the extra contributions will make this community an even better place for you to hang out!

Thanks again for being a part of TL Gaming.