Happy Holidays!

[BGen] Knife in the Dark ADMIN posted Dec 29, 15

Happy Holidays TL’ers, 

A while has passed since my last update and I’m sorry for that. First of all battlefront has come and I know a lot of us where excited for this game and it has been received both good and bad by people everywhere but I still see several people playing it every now and then.

Also it’s sad for me to say since I’ve been the leader of it for the last year and a half but competitive BF4 has finally died down on Xbox one. I’m very proud of what our members in there have accomplished we have had several top four and many top 8 finishes in the world which is impressive considering the participants are generally from around the world in both Brazil and in Europe and we have been consistently a top 4 American Team. As an honor to our members who were with the comp team their ribbons will stay in honor of their commitment to our clan. 

Now it seems with all the games that have come out people can be found in Halo 5, Black Ops 3, Fallout 4 and Rainbow Six Siege, so anyone looking to find people in these games should be able to just post in the shout box and you could probably find someone who is out there playing. Also anyone who’s looking for advice or a long term list of people who are playing a game just use our forums! It’s a great place to post what games you play and post any questions you may have. This is especially encouraged if you are a newer member to the site and want to start meeting people.

Our admins are always here for questions if you guys ever have them don’t hesitate to contact, Flibbertygiblet, C0M0D0, Bigkabe, or myself or all of us if you ever have any questions or anything you want us to look at.

Also finally I hope you all are having a happy holiday season and lets welcome in the new year with more great games to look forward to in the new year!