Squad Up

[MajGen] Flibbertygiblet ADMIN posted Mar 24, 15

Hey TLers,

I'm sure you're all busy committing acts of police brutality on Hardline, hunting monsters in Evolve, or collecting epic loot in Borderlands. For those of you new to TL Gaming, welcome. We hope you have lots of fun and find a solid group of people to play your favorite Xbox games with. To those more senior members out there, you all stink --- but we love you anyways!

The time has come for us to once again begin the squad system! If you think being a member of a smaller group (8-10) of members to play and practice wityh sounds like fun, then sign up for a squad by submitting a Squad Join Application located in the Main Menu Bar > Home. If you think you want to try running a squad of your own, fill out the Squad Leader Application as well! The Game Leaders will convene and start building squads once enough applications are submitted and a few squad leaders have been selected.

In other news, TL Gaming has yet to be dethroned from its position as #1 ranked Xbox Clan in North America on BF4Clans.com. Make sure you keep voting every day to keep us there. Also, a huge thank you to every body who has donated this month. Your contributions help keep TL Gaming up and running.