True Active Roster

[Gen] bigkabe ADMIN posted 22 hours ago


I hope everyone had a great week! Welcome to all of our recruits, we hope you are finding new friends and are enjoying your stay here. Many of you have requested a way to see our full roster of players. Well here ya go! Our "true active" roster shows all of our members and ways to contact them. Almost all of our users site names reflect their XBL gamer-tag. The reason we call it "true active"  is because the roster will only display members who have been active on the site in the past 30 days. Any one who is inactive on the site for greater than 30 days is labeled as in-active and removed from the site. Members can easily re-join if they go inactive. 

Finally congrats to Morey4 760, KilllSwitch1030, and Pozi Brochur3 for their promotions to BF Game Leaders. These guys have a lot of great ideas for helping us grow our BF community. Look for them to start heading up more events! We also have a new social media manager, TheGifted2k. He will be helping us manage our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

As always, thanks for helping us meet our donation goal! I knew you guys could do it.