July's End

[BGen] Knife in the Dark ADMIN posted Jul 28, 15


While E3 has passed and July has been a quiet month in terms of big game releases we still have so much to do. Our ESO guild has grown and we've seen a big influx in members who want to be part of the dungeon stomping elder scrolls action, it's been great to get to know these guys and we hope they are enjoying their time with us in TL and playing with each other to go steal back some elder scrolls from the Daggerfall Covenant and Ebonheart Pact.

While ESO has proven to be a strong building game for our community our Battlefield community has always been the backbone of TL gaming and while we are waiting excitedly for Battlefront to come out, we still have a strong group of members who play Battlefield 4 and Hardline. Our BF4 players have built a strong competitive team that has had good success against many teams from across the world. With this success we've decided to start a competitive hardline team. The Team meets every Tuesday and we're trying to establish a gamer leader for this team, so if you're interested in leading or just playing in the hardline team feel free to send me a message our come to one of our practices (practice times are in the events list every week). Also don't forget to keep us on top of Battlefield clans by clicking that link on the right side of the page and showing that we are the best place for Xbox battlefield.

Finally with the end of July approaching we are still $25 dollars short of our donation goal this month. As we all know this community runs on our donations and it's what keeps this website up, our Battlefield server running and we very much appreciate all the support you all give us and as an extra incentive to try and reach our monthly donation goal we will be offering an extra 125 points to everyone who's donated our will donate between now and the end of the month.