[LtGen] Flibbertygiblet ADMIN posted Jun 19, 15

Hey TLers,

It's been a very exciting week for all of us in TL Gaming. E3 is now over, and we have a lot to look forward to this coming holiday season. Battlefront looks as good as we all had hoped - so get excited for that.

In other news, TL Gaming has expanded its borders and has begun conquering the mythical world of Tamriel. For those of you new to TL and looking for an invite to our ESO guild (The Legionnaires), please be patient. Everybody will get an invite soon enough. To expedite the process, try looking for one of the game leaders - Dr Fidelis, a Ghost2point0, or TheGifted2k. A heads up, The Legionnaires is an Aldmeri Dominion guild. If you are Ebonheart or Daggerfall, we also have multiple guilds allied with us. The list so far is as follows: Dragonknights of Tamriel, Wabbajacks, and The Mosse Knuckles. Try posting in the forum for an invite!

We're very excited to have so many fresh faces to the community. Right now, the donation section of the site isn't working properly, but we're almost at our monthly goal! Donations are how we are able to stay running, so if you're feeling generous please donate. You will also be rewarded with bonus points and a donation medal that will be displayed by your name in the forums.

Keep up the great work everybody!